Forrester Report: When And How To Modernize Core Applications Using Low-Code Platforms

Modernize your core applications by rebuilding or replacing them with applications developed on low-code platforms! 

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This recent report from Forrester states that "Application development and delivery (AD&D) pros using low-code development platforms are starting to tackle large, complex, mission-critical (core) applications.

However, not all low-code platforms deliver the capabilities and features required for enterprise core application development and delivery!

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  • Emerging core modernization option: low-code development
  • Low-code core projects target key services and processes more than record-keeping
  • Some low-code platforms ready to meet core app requirements

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"When And How To Modernize Core Applications Using Low-Code Platforms"

By John Bratincevic and John Rymer, with Christopher Mines, Abigail Livingston, and Kara Hartig. (June 10, 2020)

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