Webinar: How can rapid application development support digital transformation?


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The demand for tailored applications customized for organizations’ business processes is increasing.

How are low-code platforms changing the application development landscape, and why should this be on every organization's agenda?

That is the question we try to answer in this webinar with EY Norway, featuring Forrester and Storebrand.

Get access to the webinar recording, and get key takeaways on this and more:

  • Global market trends - How low-code changes application development, with Diego Lo Giudice | Forrester
  • Low-code development in the Norwegian market, with Ronny Seehuus | EY Norge
  • Low-code with Genus – Digital transformation of core enterprise applications, with Christophe Birkeland | Genus
  • Case example of a business-critical system delivered in the Norwegian market, with Patrick Røhne | Storebrand



Genus AS, Strandveien 55, 1366 Lysaker, Norway