Webinar: How to use no code technology to

stay ahead of financial crime


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Skjermbilde 2022-05-10 kl. 10.23.01

In this on-demand webinar, you can learn how Gjensidige insurance use Genus’ no code platform to fight financial crime.

Fighting financial crime is important for financial institutions, both from a compliance, risk management and cost point of view. Expectations from regulators are high and continue to increase. Banks and insurers are spending significant amounts to stop financial crime and meet regulatory requirements. Better technology to support this work is crucial to achieve effectiveness as well as cost efficiency, and to support a risk-based approach.

EY will briefly explain the challenge for insurance companies and Gjensidige will share their experience with using Genus’ low code platform for know your customer KYC, insurance fraud investigation and sanction screening. Genus will explain how leading financial institutions are utilizing Genus’ low-code platform to support their financial crime investigation work.

The webinar will be conducted in Norwegian and is free of charge. It is co-hosted by EY and Genus. Carl-Fredrik Causevic from Genus will present themes and people. 


  • Malin Pettersen, EY
  • Tor Jan Idland, Gjensidige forsikring
  • Lars Holth, Genus



Genus AS, Strandveien 55, 1366 Lysaker, Norway